On some of the most special and important Occasions of your life you’re going to want to capture them in a way that you can relive them in all their glory again and again.  Who better to capture all those moments and be in on the action than those that love you best.

There is a big market out there for Film Your Own Weddings however we’ve found the market lacking in all the other big events, like Proposals, Children’s Birthdays, Big Birthdays as well as just being able to watch and document your Children growing up.

We also provide the option of creating a video for a special occasion as well as of a special occasion.  Sometimes people can’t be there, or would be too shy to get up and perform on the day but in the comfort of your own home everything opens up to leave that heartfelt message, or do a whole music video parody.

Whichever package you choose, our main aim at Occasions By You is to create the best version of your day, our Editors are perfectionists, very particular and can’t be rushed (which is why it’s a 6 week turnaround) as ‘oh that’s ok’ is just not good enough!

So rest assured your memories of your Special Occasions are in very safe hands