In this section you will find all the advice and guidance you need from opening up your cameras prior to the event to filming the event and then finally re-packaging them up and awaiting your professionally edited video. If you require any more assistance then we are always available to provide support.

The video below shows everything you will be getting within the parcel we send you. Included in the box is a check list which we will have initially checked off one column whilst packing it up for you, please double check on delivery that everything is there for your big day.


This video goes through how to set up your camera, showing you all the main parts of the camera itself and how they all attach on to each other. We will show you how to operate the camera in later on and also what shots you should be looking for. But for the time being, lets set up the camera and have a play.


The next video goes through the assembly of the tripod which can be very useful for capturing long shots where you don’t want to be moving around too much. We have provided a very light weight tripod that you will find easy to move around as you need and it also folds down to a very handy size so you can store it away with relative ease.


This next video will help you when it comes to packing the camera’s and tripods back into the box ready for them to be shipped back to us. Again if you have your check sheet handy it will help greatly with insuring everything is returned to us.