small 1 cam whats included

Growing Pains Packages £650

£400 for subsequent years

This is a process that is all about patience and dedication.  You can begin at any age you wish and continue up until the age of 18 with the aim of creating a wonderful keepsake of your child’s changing views as they grow up as well as evidence to severely embarrass them on their 18th birthday, which lets face it, is what it’s all about!

Each year you will receive a DVD with your footage unedited, but ask that you don’t show the stars of your show as this can affect their answers.  In the year of their 18th birthday, you will receive a fully edited version of your child’s varying responses to the same questions in 3 different versions:

The Full Version – This will effectively be a documentary style film lasting around 30-45 minutes have the answers to all the questions asked throughout the time period of filming

The Embarrassing Version – This will be edited in such a way to cause most embarrassment possible (in a nice and affectionate way of course)

The Love Version – Showing their changing views on love, marriage and the opposite (or same) sex, which will create a fabulous documentary that can be shown on their wedding day.

What/Where will you be – A short film focusing on what they wanted to be when they were young to where they see themselves in however many years time when they get older.

While it’s important to get all questions answered in your time period, if you have filming space left (which you should with over 6 hours of filming time available to you!) then feel free to capture any other footage of day to day events or fun family occasions.  If you do this around family occasions you can also get other family members varying opinions of your children and their antics over the years, or what they wish for them for the future.

From Before You Were Born Package

Start filming while you’re pregnant!!

Get hopes and wishes from Mum and Dad, friends and family.

Have the camera at the baby shower and have people leave messages.

1st Birthday Party – how the first year has been

This way in the final version there will be people that have been present at every stage in your child’s life but for one reason or another may not be by their 18th birthday.